Animal Feeds & Needs was founded in 1964 by Charlie Hume, after he was approached by The Ralston Purina Company to distribute their specialty animal foods along with their dog and cat foods. For almost 20 years, they shipped animal diets to zoos, kennels, stables and pet shops exclusively.

In the late 70′s and early 80′s, as the area had grown from farmland to homes and businesses, people began to come to the small warehouse office to buy their pet food. In 1981, a small store was added. This was the same year that Charlie’s son, Chuck, began working there. Charlie retired from day to day operations 2 years later to tend to his exotic animal farm. The store was expanded in 1984 and then again to its present size, in 1990.

All during these times, Animal Feeds & Needs sold the most up to date nutrition for pets. Nearly 20 years before the current natural pet food craze, AFN sold natural pet diets and supplements unavailable in many places. They currently sell 100′s of different natural dry, canned and raw frozen pet diets, and continuously monitor the market for new products. Anything that is not floor stocked and is available can be special ordered on a weekly basis.

Animal Feeds & Needs still distributes specialty zoo diets, equine, wild bird and exotic animal diets. With a 12,000 square foot warehouse, they are able to stock many items other stores can’t which gives AFN the advantage of discounts to pass along to customers. We are open 7 days a week and have 14 employees to assist customer needs. Also, we have some of the exotic animals at our store location in Arlington Heights that Charlie use to raise, including goats, llamas, chickens and ducks.